May. 19th, 2015

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Daneel has a number of telepathic abilities, which he's had for about a year. He's still relatively new to them, but and still learning what he can do with them. He's also not inclined to tell people about this, because it would get him deactivated back home.

First: He can read emotions -- not distinct thoughts, but the general emotional state of people physically near him. He knows what a human mind should feel like, or what a robot mind should feel like. He doesn't go digging, because that's not how his powers work, but any emotional responses in the situation are apparent to him.

Question: Is this fair game? Can he sense things from your character? Is there anything unusual about their mind that might suggest not-human to him?

Second: Daneel has the ability to subtly influence and change emotions in people. He can encourage a feeling of trust, or a sense of charity, or suppress the desire to act. Because too strong a change will cause harm, he's reluctant to actually use this ability unless it's essential for the greater good. He's certainly not going to go make your character do something they normally would never want to do, because he is bound by the Laws of Robotics.

Question: Bearing in mind that I have no intention of using this aspect of his abilities without some OOC discussion beforehand (because of the massive amount of abuse inherent in this ability), and I therefore don't plan on Daneel using this ability very often, would your character be immune? For what it's worth, in his canon, this sort of power doesn't work as well against other telepaths.


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