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🌜Player Info
Player} Jessie (No personal journal to link, sorry)
Age} 30
Contact} sunnjessie @, zerothlaw on Plurk
Referral} Already play Bia!

☼ Character Info
Character Name} R. Daneel Olivaw
Series} Here
Canon Point} After Robots and Empire
Age} About twenty decades.
History} Also here.
AU History} n/a
Personality} Daneel, to someone unaware he is a robot, might seem to be a particularly altruistic and mild-mannered man. He's polite, deferential, and speaks formally, and thinks more logically than reasonably. Though he has programs devoted to appropriate facial expressions, he still seems very serious most of the time. While he's an oddity in that he's a "renegade" robot, without a master, he's devoted himself to the wellbeing of humanity, and this is his main driving force. He strives for this, and to understand humans to better accomplish it, and is uncomfortably aware of the ever-present risk of failure, and of his own death if he were to fail in a way that would cause irreversible damage in his brain by burning out his positronic pathways.

Although Daneel is an extremely sophisticated robot, and although he thinks in far more human ways than another robot might, he is still bound by the three Laws of Robotics: first, a robot may not injure a human being or, through inaction, allow a human being to come to harm; second, a robot must obey the orders given to it by human beings, except where such orders would conflict with the First Law; third, a robot must protect its own existence as long as such protection does not conflict with the First or Second Laws. While, being such a unique prototype, his own sense of self-preservation is slightly stronger than with many robots, he cannot break these Laws. If told to do something, he will do it unless he can justify a reason it should not be done -- such as a conflict with one of the higher Laws. If asked a question, he will answer truthfully unless he has a very good reason to lie. The more firmly an order is given, the stronger is his impulse to obey. This doesn't trouble him; in fact, he is more troubled by the fact that humans are not bound by any such laws. Even thinking of the possibility of not being bound by the laws is somewhat troubling to him, causing difficulties in the positronic pathways of his brain.

There is one important exception to this, however. He and the robot Giskard, with a great deal of difficulty due to the apparent circumvention of the Laws, developed what they term the Zeroth Law: a robot may not harm humanity or, through inaction, allow humanity to come to harm. Though he and Giskard worked the Zeroth Law out themselves (and were well aware of the difficulties it presented, as humanity is a far less tangible thing than an individual human), Daneel would likely not have been able to press forward in this way at all were it not for the influence of Elijah Baley, a plainclothes detective from Earth Daneel had worked with some twenty decades before.

Daneel admired his friend Baley greatly, for his understanding of his fellow humans, for his intuition, and for his ability to push through difficulty against all odds. He tries to emulate Baley as much as possible: to be curious, to ask the right questions, to seek out the answers to problems, to push through difficulty to strength. While Daneel might be thought to be emotionless, there are certainly things that please him, or displease him, or even bring him his own particular brand of robotic happiness, and it's a mistake to think him incapable of emotional bonds; he treasures the memory of those friends he has had. Regardless, he treats everyone with respect and deference -- even in the tensest situation -- and is very interested in pleasing or serving in any way he can, to be useful however he can; this is doubly true for those he feels affection for.

Abilities} Daneel is somewhat stronger and faster than a human, due to being a robot. He has the ability to sense emotional states of minds around him, and if he wishes, to subtly adjust the emotions to affect the opinions or actions of those people. He's very reluctant to tamper, especially right now when he's new.
Rank} Novice and IN THE BIRD CAGE.
Notes} Oh come on, you know Daneel.
Sample} have a thing


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