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Daneel expresses his concerns about the safety of everyone here. Bucky, Phil, and Thor tell him of various security teams. Phil suggests getting in touch with Bigby.

He also replies to Donna's roll-call.

Kenzi reports some of her belongings to be missing. Daneel offers helps, and instead gains a nickname as well as the suggestion to get in touch with Lestrade.

Following up on several suggestions, Daneel attempts to get in touch with Lestrade and Bigby, asking to help with their security teams. It doesn't occur to him to make it private, so Tony barges in and manages to wrangle Daneel for some interesting diagnostics. Bigby agrees to meet Daneel in the library and somewhat reluctantly accepts his help. Lestrade is a little more open to the idea.

Suddenly everyone turns into kids! Daneel has a brief conversation with teenaged Phil where he is confused as heck.

When Ivy warns the children away from her man-eating plant, Daneel is bothered by the apparent threat and tells her she should be more responsible. It doesn't go over well.

Daneel has a conversation with tiny Kenzi about cats and apple juice.

Somewhere in there, Daneel has to have a shower, and he accidentally surprises Jason by being naked and having a penis. Awkwardness ensues, and Daneel tampers with Jason's mind just a little to try to make things better.

And then, illness! Daneel is alarmed.

His alarm leads to him offering to help anyone who needs it. Phil agrees to help him, and then they make soup, and have a nice conversation about how people here... treat him like a person. Tony also contacts him, and though he's ill enough to seriously alarm Daneel, contracts Daneel out to create and install an air filter in the ducts, in an attempt to stop the spread of the mutant strep throat.

Logan arrives! Daneel attempts to warn him about the strep. Also, he doesn't know where cigarettes are, but smoking is bad for you.

And then Castiel is sick. Daneel introduces himself and offers soup. Then they have a conversation about being not-human and Castiel's vessel.

Word of Tony's death is announced. Daneel takes it very hard, because not only was Tony pretty nice to him, but he knew perfectly well that Tony had been very very ill and had allowed himself to be convinced everything was fine. This implies he might be at fault. Daneel has to go lie down for a little bit.

Kurt is sick. Daneel goes and keeps him company for a bit.

Martha accidentally messages everyone. Daneel, still reeling from one dead, gets very worried, but someone's with her. Everything should be fine--

--Except it's not. Martha passes away, and though he doesn't really know her she's still a human in danger and he's driven to answer Diana's call for help, along with the Doctor. He takes it upon himself to move Martha's body to the morgue.

Castiel gets kicked out of his vessel. Daneel is slightly disturbed about what Jimmy tells him, but he gives Jimmy directions to food.

And then the Hulk shows up. Daneel says W. T. F.

Maria Hill arrives. Daneel gives her a few pointers on her new home, as well as being the one to break the news to her that Tony Stark is dead. Woe.

That same day, Daneel attends Tony's memorial. He has a conversation with Logan about death, which is enlightening right up until Logan's sudden and abrupt departure.

Daneel chats briefly with Elle on the network, then goes looking for her because she said she was going to kill someone. Instead she's eating ice cream.

When asked by the Hulk to bring him soup, Daneel complies. Logan crashes the party.

And Kurt wants to do some sewing.
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